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Psychology, Existential Psychotherapy and Mindful Nutrition

Holistic Therapy 

Helping people to reach their healthier lifestyle





Human life has unconditional meaning.

Under all circumstances, no matter how painful or complicated they could be, there is a unique and right thing to do. Our mission is to feel and recognize it. Under pain this is easier said than done. When times are difficult, we need support and safe environment and this is not equal to being weak.

Working with trusted counselor who can provide you psychological first aid can help you to go through complex, uphill and rocky roads, to see better what feels right for you, to reconnect with your gut feelings, reactivate your coping mechanisms and to feel stronger in your unique situation.


"Instead of looking reductionistically for the causes of somatic diseases, we should ask ourselves why some people stay healthy even though they are exposed to the same pathogens that cause disease in others."


"Some crises are part of the normal processes of maturation, others are inevitable aspects of human nature"

At different times in one's life, one can find meaning in different places. It is human nature to grow through change, to develop and upgrade oneself in conditions that take one out of the familiar and what one is used to. It is not necessary to first define a meaning that deserves to be lived and only then to begin to live it. A person's life purpose is deeply connected to what they love most. When one does what he loves, he is already on the path to the most meaningful in his life. Mistakes made along the way do not diminish the value of the meaning. Moments of difficulty, pain, sorrow, failure, do not move away from the concept of meaning, quite the opposite.

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