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Self Analysis Existential Cards

The first series of association cards MINDDOR EXISTENTIAL Therapy and Imagination cards I'm so excited! I created them with no such goal in mind just by trying some techniques from the Art Therapy exercises and enjoyed it so much that I couldn't stop for days, not seeing that they would be my first association game.

Once I decided that they were going to become a whole series, then it became difficult for me, they had to be done in a way that met a lot of requirements that I didn't know. Even though I was totally unprepared digitally the Art studio were there for me and did a miracle to make my idea possible.

MINDDOR EXISTENTIAL CARDS are 66 metaphorical cards, built according to a projective psychological methodology, where what matters is not the meaning invested in their creation, but the initial response of each person to each of the maps.


If you want an individual training session with the cards you can send me your request. 

If you have a question and want individual session about it please connect with me.


If you want to have your own Imagination deck of EXISTENTAL MINDDOR CARDS please request it below

How can the metaphorical cards be used?

They can provoke a person's imagination and emotions and accompany him in drawing new bridges in front of him, in cases where he does not see a solution, when he finds it difficult to express his attitude and intention, to take a given action or even just to make an assessment of the present moment and to determine which are the most pressing problems and tasks involved in it. Cards evoke associations and so can be helpful in expressing thoughts, creating wording, and gaining more clarity and concreteness about a matter of concern to a person.


Who can use the cards?


The cards can be used by anyone who has decided that they want to exercise their imagination, search for answers and find standard and non-standard solutions.

They can serve as a practical tool to support the processes of determining, correcting and developing the abilities, emotional attitudes and goals that the individual has.

They can be useful in the work of psychologists, therapists, coaches, coaches, team leaders, psychological and work groups, used to improve communication, trust between group members and determine their work goals. They can be used for independent work, both in a family and friendly environment.


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