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One day an old hermit was asked:

- How do you not get tired of being alone all the time?

He said:

- I have a lot to do: I have to train two hawks and two eagles, calm two rabbits, train a snake, motivate a donkey and tame a lion.

"But we don't see these animals next to you." Where are they?

The hermit replied:

"We carry these animals with us."

The two hawks jump on everything they see - good and bad, useful and harmful. I have to teach them to distinguish. These are my eyes.

Two eagles with claws injure and destroy everything they touch. I need to teach them to serve and help without hurting. These are my hands.

Rabbits always jump back and forth, are afraid and hide. I need to reassure them and teach them how to deal with difficult situations, not run away from problems. These are my legs.

The hardest part is watching the snake. Although it is probably locked in a tight cage, it is always ready to attack, bite and poison anyone nearby. So I have to follow her and discipline her. This is my language.

The donkey, as everyone knows, is very stubborn, always tired and does not want to do his job. This is my body.

Finally, I must tame the lion who wants to be king and command everyone. He is proud, vain and believes that the whole world should revolve around him. This is my ego!

As you can see, I have a lot of work to do ...


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