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What is actually failure? All the situations where we allowed mistakes to occur. Then what exactly is mistake?

Mistake is the situation where we did not manage to reach a goal. Ok, but still, can we have benefit out of it? Actually yes. Every single time we have made a mistake we have gained experience. This experience is necessary for our learning and development. Our goal is to learn from the mistake if we allow it to happen. So can you list the failures that have happened to you? Can you think about what was the reason for them?

Can you see what are the repetitive patterns that did not allowed you to reach success? Can you scan and seek about models that were the same each time? If you can spot them and be aware about them, the chance to repeat them is far less. We will always aim towards success, it is in our nature. But the mistakes will occur as well sometimes along our way and their role is not to stop us, but to give us the chance to become better where we need to.


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