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"Let's not blame anyone -

Neither the parents, nor the school, nor the television, nor myself;

Come specifically to the question: what do you lack for successful communication - now, today, immediately?

Namely: THE SKILL TO BE THE OTHER PERSON, which is formed by:

1) Understanding the other people, their unique nature, predisposing for unique communication with them,

2) The ability to perceive and finally the purely practical

3) The ability to behave.

A person who does not know the laws of communication lives among his peers in the position of an alien from another planet - in such a situation is every child, as well as, to one degree or another, every adult for the rest of his life. A person who does not perceive his neighbor as he is is essentially blind and deaf, hitting and hitting others. You cannot learn to behave without learning to see, to think, to feel. "

From the Art of Communicating by Vladimir Levy


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