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If the setting is able to open the eyes to reality or just details that have never been noticed before, then it could be a method to be applied in a much wider range. Never underestimate the power of consistency, which gives voice to the heart and soul and allows them to express their opinions. Habits are important because of the effect of the accumulation of their manifestations. Their strength comes from increasing progression, which strengthens them in the direction they are directed. The habit could be destructive as well as reviving.

There are many techniques to act as a ladder to move forward, always setting your own pace. One of the important ones is the the Five Principles of Hygiene.

Which remind us that it is not enough just to keep the body clean. Regardless of the environment around one, one must strive and adhere to these rules in order to maintain one's balance, because one can choose and decide for oneself.

1. Purity of the body. Personal body hygiene.

2. Purity of the eyes. You choose what to feed the eyes, you choose what to focus on and what to stop them on. You choose, and they absorb. 3. Purity of the ears. Choose the information that comes to you. And here you have the right to choose and you can filter what you hear. Gossip, negative patterns and anything that would create a negative attitude in you, has no place around.

4. Purity of the mouth. The languages are rich, and one can choose the words to say. The beauty and warmth of words goes beyond the sentences and reaches the mind and heart of the man.

5. Purity of heart. Emotions. What the person decides to keep in his heart.


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