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As you develop awareness you can be in direct connection withyour unique identity. The more access you have to it, the more you can hear it. The true self always manifest itself but what isimportant is how trained we are to see and know what it tells us. Focusing on yourself would reveal more and more details relatednot only to your strengths and goals but also about your morals,values, life standarts and you can easily start providing yourselfwith more and more accurate evaluations related to them inevery life situation, no matter if it is simple daily one or morecomplex one, that could determine the direction of your life. Self Awareness could manifest within all the activities and exercises that provides you situations and arena where you canobtain more information about who you are.Self knowledge is when you have higher understanding about your dreams, needs, desires, capabilities, fears, weaknesses. Those are all the tools you need when you start journey towards any dream and goal of yours.


Please don't be judgemental when you write the negaitves.

Dont be critical and hard on yourself even for the things that you find yourself

writing down but you do not like.

Be grateful that you can see them because this is a unique chance to work on

them. Be happy that you know about them as this is your most powerful tool to

grow them into good.

Self-awareness questions about your personality

What three words describe you?

What have you changed in your personality since childhood?

Is your personality like either of your parents?

What qualities do you most admire in yourself?

What is your biggest weakness?

What is your biggest strength?

What things scare you?

Do you make decisions logically or intuitively?

How would you complete the question: “What if?”

How do you proceed when you cannot fulfill a task from first time?

Self-awareness questions on values and life goals

What does your ideal “you” look like?

Think about a dream you have. Think about few others.

Why they are so important for you?

What is keeping you away from these goals?

Rank 5-10 of the most important things in your life in your career, family, relationships, friends, health, love, money?

Now think about the proportion of time you dedicate to each of these things.

What would you recommend to your children to do or not to do?

What is most important for you in life?

What is relatively important for you to have in life?

What is not important at all in life?

Self-awareness questions on your relationships with the others

surrounding you.

Who are the people who inspired you? Maybe historical figures, scientists or the family and friends around you?

What is personal space for you?

Can you focus well and do your hobbies within your relationship?

Do you find time for small gestures?

Do you find time for big gestures?

What is the nicest thing about your relationship?

What has been the worst thing that happened in your relationship?

Do you treat the others the same way as you treat yourself?


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