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After clearly, realistically, in detail identify your goals, you can be specific about your needs, requirements and pricing system.

This will allow you to know best the current version of yourself, modified according to the most current needs for your current life situation, age and goals, so you know where to find answers to these questions and get pricing information. .

What do you need to know to achieve this life goal?

What kinds of qualities do you have that can help you?

What kind of challenges do you anticipate?

Do you have a sound support system?

Do you really need to acheive this goal?

Why do you want to achieve this goal?

How will achieving this goal add to your sense of purpose or happiness?

If there are resistances and hesitations while answering these questions, pay special attention to them. Possibly this resistance could function as a defense mechanism telling you that you actually have other priorities right now? Fear could protect us from many unwanted events. This is its initial function. But fear may be caused by something that is not real. Then the stubbornness could be a lack of self-confidence, fear of the unknown or other blockages.

Think carefully. The answers are with you.


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