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Our body is the place where we will spend the most time in the course of our lives. It is composed of cells that do not exist in the abstract, but in a strictly defined order. Cells with absolutely different shapes and sizes, performing specific tasks. They use nutrients and energy to form muscles, nerves, skin, cartilage and bones. We are glad that our body is intelligent enough by nature and it does not expect from us to fully understand and control these complex mechanisms. As soon as we are born, the body alone knows how to perform all the functions, many of which we do not even realize are happening. And for these processes to take place - building materials are necessary.

We cannot ignore the influence of food on the chemistry in the brain. These processes will take place anyway – even when we decide we can not bother with them. And we will rely on them to be able to perform our usual daily or unusual tasks. Systematic and consistent mental load as well as work with emotional loads, blockages from the past and overcoming everything that hinders you will not compensate for the lack of vital vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and essential amino acids. But balancing the two would allow to reach a higher capacity in cognitive talents, control over emotions, intelligence and the general feeling of a full and happy life.

So working with a psychologist and psychotherapist would work best when combined with a careful review of your eating habits, food intake and actual food composition. And this should not be a surprise for us.

For example, essential amino acids can be produced by our body, as well as some vitamins. But this is only a process of reconstruction. The body takes one element to process it into another. And the key point is that he takes it from somewhere. As much as the body can manage to direct all the reactions, it is still important what are the initial elements that we have provided the body with. Accordingly, we live in an extremely intelligent organism that can do the impossible, but we do not need to demand it from it all the time. We can actually support and help it! When we are faced with stress, traumatic events and other situations that are not natural for us, then our body needs us more than ever. We need to pay attention to the body and do a few scans of exactly what it needs - here and now, over a period of time. And the wonderful thing is that the attention we have paid to it gives results that serve as the most accurate guide for working with our body. Our brain is a complex network made up of nerve cells that connect to other nerve cells called neurons. Their numbers are massive, at least 100 trillion neurons that connect with thousands more. When we think, a high-speed process takes place in which a signal is sent from one station to another. These stations are called receptors and are made up of essential fatty acids, phospholipids and amino acids. The messages themselves, or as they are called, neurotransmitters, are usually made up of amino acids. Each neurotransmitter is built on a different formula from a different amino acid configuration. The process of converting an amino acid into a neurotransmitter is not to be underestimated because additional substances such as vitamins and minerals are needed to make the process possible. The intestinal system and the brain are in constant communication. Every time we consume food, the stomach sends a signal to the brain. The digestive system contains about 100 million neurons and produces a huge number of neurotransmitters. This is one of the reasons why food has such a strong effect on mood and emotions. When all the physiological necessities are fulfilled and all the elements supplied - but one reaches for food again, is a separate topic! Then this need has different root cause. Food will not work a miracle on its own. Proper combinations and strong food will not displace our mental activity. They will complement each other and will be equally important as we work on our mental and physical health.


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